Wheel of Wishes Free Spins – Know How To Get Them

Wheel of Wishes Free SpinsWheel of Wishes is a progressive jackpot slot that has 3 rows, 10 lines, and 5 reels. To get awarded one must obtain three to five matching symbols on a line from left to right only. This game is available on mobiles as well as computers with a bid ranging from 0.10 to 25 credits per spin. The RTP is quite mediocre in the 85-90% range and of medium volatility.

Wheel of Wishes comes with an elementary visual design. It follows an Arabic theme showcasing sunny days and rocky formations in the background on a geometrically simple game window. The giant Wheel of Wishes characters holds the secret to winning those jackpots.

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What’s on the reels?

Now that we know what the Wheel of Wishes game is all about, let’s talk about what exactly do these reels contain, both in a base game and in a power mod game.

In a base game, there are 10 standard symbols on the reels. Out of those 10 standard symbols, there are five lower value symbols and five higher value symbols. The low-value symbols include 5 different shape values starting from circles and the four suits; clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts.

The five higher value symbols are linked to the Arabic theme and present two vials of portion spell book magic lamp treasure chest and an ancient necklace.

In power mode, the five higher value symbols and scatter symbols are included while the lower value symbols are not included.
When you play the power spin mode, anyone, that you obtain through the standard symbols will pay you out at the symbol amount and you may win across multiple pay lines in that mode.

What is a free spin?

When you land on two scatters, those two scatters will be logged in their places while you’ll receive a real-spin to activate the bonus. The round of free spins is activated when there are three consecutive Scatter symbols on the reels.

After acquiring free spins, you get to play a bonus game wherein you get 10 free spins but Wheel of Wishes instead of the free spin bonus game has a power spin available in the base game. The feature has been explained below.

What is the bonus feature?

The basic concept of bonus features is that you get to activate the game mode with the use of power mode or power spin. Under the base game, the bonus wheel needs to be at least two of these scatters. The other condition is that these scatters should land on any single spin to activate the free power spin. It is really important to note that if you do this with the power mode activated on every spin, the spin might cost you 10 times the selected amount.

The slot needs to be played on power spin mode to trigger the jackpot bonus. It can be achieved when a single player gets a 3 x 3 jackpot wheel to a scatter symbol.

What does the Jackpot Bonus include?

The jackpot bonus wheel has 4 different colored segments. Each segment out of these four segments has different progressive bonuses attached to them. There are more segments for major and mini jackpot prizes than as compared to that of wowpot and major. The only thing that you need to win is, spin the wheel. Whatever value lands on the pointer is the prize that you receive.

The power mode or power spin mode allows you to win real cash by simply landing a part of all larger symbols in the large middle reel. If you are lucky enough to land the entire of one the large symbols on the middle reel, you win a prize for the symbol across each of the 10 pay lines in that slot.

As mentioned before in the power station mode, you play 10 times the usual cost as you would play in the standard slot. You get a prize from every spin and then you can return to the base game and continue playing it.

How to Make The Most From Wish of Wheels Symbols and Bonus Features?

These symbols are easy to understand and implement while playing. You can go with the free demo first to get a better idea of Wheel of Wishes and to try your luck even before you begin playing. You can find many online casino websites that offer excellent gameplay, robust security, and support for its players and encourage them to make the game better everyday. Once you play, you’ll understand how the free spins, bonuses, and real winnings are much greater than most online casino games. Even better, you can play Wheel of Wishes from anywhere in the world and across multiple devices.

Special Features and Jackpots in Wheel of Wishes

Now, let’s venture into the intriguing realm of special features and jackpots, where Wheel of Wishes shines like a jewel in the desert. In this oasis of excitement, every feature is a spring of possibilities, and every jackpot is a dune brimming with hidden treasures. Can you feel the magic already pulsating in the air?

The Power Spin Feature

At the heart of Wheel of Wishes, the Power Spin feature is the genie in the bottle, waiting to grant your wishes. Triggered by landing two scattered symbols anywhere on the reels, it’s like suddenly stumbling upon a secret door in the sultan’s palace. Reels 1 and 5 fill with a randomly chosen high symbol when activated. In contrast, the central reels combine into one giant 3×3 block, showcasing only high symbols or the bonus wheel. The anticipation this creates is palpable—like standing on the brink of a great discovery.

The Wheel of Wishes Jackpot Bonus

The real enchantment unfolds when the bonus wheel symbol lands in the Power Spin feature. This triggers the Wheel of Wishes Jackpot Bonus, an event as thrilling as a moonlit flight on a magic carpet. The wheel is divided into segments representing the game’s four progressive jackpots—Mini, Minor, Major, and the grand WowPot! With one spin, your life could potentially change forever!

The WowPot! Progressive Jackpot

The WowPot! Progressive Jackpot is the crown jewel of Wheel of Wishes. Starting at a whopping 2 million credits, it’s like a treasure chest that never empties! With every bet placed by players around the world, this jackpot swells, akin to a magic potion brewing, promising the one who wins it a taste of unimaginable wealth.

Win Booster Feature

The Win Booster Feature is another intriguing aspect of Wheel of Wishes. Activated at will, this feature increases your stake and enhances your chances of triggering the Wheel of Wishes Jackpot Bonus. It’s like taking a daring leap, with the potential of landing amidst a pile of riches!

From Power Spins to Progressive Jackpots and Win Boosters, Wheel of Wishes is not merely a slot game—it’s a saga of suspense, anticipation, and exciting rewards. It’s a world where each spin brings you closer to your wishes. So, are you ready to make a wish and spin the wheel? Your fortune might be a spin away!

VolatilityMedium Volatility
Min Bet0.1
Max Bet125
Free Spins/ Multiplier Yes 10/1x